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With over 25 years of experience in teamwork at the highest level, I like to turn all my experiences into instructive and inspiring lessons that will help you take your team and company to the next level.

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Effective leadership

In this keynote, I address leaders directly. My own journey, from an introvert but talented girl to a leader on the basketball court, captain of the Belgian Cats, mentor and ultimately assistant coach in the Wnba. I share the key characteristics I’ve learned to be an effective leader. This includes self-reflection, effective communication, giving and receiving feedback, as well as demonstrating courage and embracing an open, positive mindset. These insights provide valuable lessons for leaders striving for success and impact.

Power of teamwork

In this keynote, I aim to inspire you and provide insights into building a strong team. It’s often said that TEAM stands for ‘Together Everyone Achieves More,’ but I’ve given it a new unique meaning. “For me, TEAM stands for Trust, Energy, Accountability, and Mindset. These are exactly the elements that have led to the Belgian Cats’ success in recent years.” Building trust, managing conflicts, anchoring engagement, and giving and taking responsibility. These are cornerstones that form the basis for success in all teams.

How to

Win the game of life

Entrepreneurship is often likened to sports. In this keynote, I draw parallels between entrepreneurship and sports to illustrate what entrepreneurs can learn from the world of sports to achieve sustainable results. I have a beautiful trophy case, but I have also lost finals. How can you bounce back after a setback? I share how routines, courage, believing in yourself, but also flexibility helped me to be more resilient. This keynote offers valuable insights into how to win the game of life.

I believe in

  • Making a difference every day, through hard work.
  • As each individual grows, so does the team.
  • Gain trust through reliability.
  • Big dreams and realistic goals.
  • Develop inner strength through self-discipline.
  • Holding myself accountable to really make a difference.


There is nothing better than a group of people pursuing a common goal. A streamlined and motivated team guarantees results that will exceed your expectations.