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With over 25 years of experience in teamwork at the highest level, I like to turn all my experiences into instructive and inspiring lessons that will help you take your team and company to the next level.

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Inclusive leadership

In this keynote I share my experiences of how, as a shy Belgian girl, I grew into an internationally acclaimed sports personality. From being a talented, young player, I found my place in my various teams and grew into the captain of the Belgian Cats. I took Belgian basketball in tow to realize our biggest dream, the Olympic Games. Playing in different countries, cultures and continents, with teammates who had a different background and spoke a different language, has broadened my view of the world. I believe that sport can be a catalyst for a better, more inclusive world

Power of teamwork

In this keynote I want to inspire you and give you insights into building a strong team. Based on Lencioni’s pyramid and using practical examples from the story behind the success of the Belgian Cats. How to build trust, manage conflict, anchor commitment and give and take responsibility. These are all elements that form the basis for success in all teams.

How to

Win the game of life

Here I mainly share my insights and experiences on how resilience leads to more sustainable performance for yourself and your team. With practical examples from the story behind the success of the Belgian national team. I’ll walk you through 10 practical strategies to boost your personal and team resilience.

I believe in

  • Making a difference every day, through hard work.
  • As each individual grows, so does the team.
  • Gain trust through reliability.
  • Big dreams and realistic goals.
  • Develop inner strength through self-discipline.
  • Holding myself accountable to really make a difference.


There is nothing better than a group of people pursuing a common goal. A streamlined and motivated team guarantees results that will exceed your expectations.

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